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Decoding Halkidiki

Decoding Halkidiki
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Number 3 has always carried a symbolism in many cultures. From Pythagoras to Jewish Kabbalah, number 3 can be analyzed into the essence of Body, Spirit and Soul. Halkidiki has 3 “legs”, as Greeks have named its 3 peninsulas. All 3 of them can give you the opportunity to entertain, reassess and value that symbolism.

Let’s start with a simple decoding. The 3rd “leg” is the Holy Mount of Athos. A place where only males are allowed to enter, as the Christian-Orthodox tradition holds. A spiritual trip through the impressive nature, rich monasteries, humble cells while fasting, praying and leading a life of discipline. Depending on the notion one has about paradise, this is certainly a challenge to reassess everything he knows. Daily boat cruises though, can give women as well a small taste of the west coast of the peninsula, admiring the monasteries from afar.

The 1st “leg” of Halkidiki stands on the antipode, with countless beach-bars, drinks, nonstop music and crystal-clear water, every sense of your body can be fully satisfied. You can find anything you wish for every “wallet size”, from 5-star resorts to more affordable accommodation, from fast-food to elegant restaurants and of course shopping. Indulge in anything your senses desire, after all, “praying” is allowed here as well… The heart of the nightlife certainly beats at the area of Kallithea. So, after having your road-trip, here you can have your “bar-trip”! Numerous bars with Greek and international music will lead you to sunrise when you can indulge yourself with a sweet “mpougatsa” without remorse.

Last but not least, there is the 2nd “leg”, which one might say, keeps the balance between the others. If you are more of a “nature-lover” and adventurous, you will find your “paradise on earth”, skipping even the “Holy 3rd”! Of course there are beach bars here as well, though not so easily accessible compared to the “1st” one, something that adds to this sense of adventure. A lace-chain of emerald beaches unfolds before you in combination with a more mountainous landscape, where pine trees reach the sea. How many shades of blue can you imagine? You will certainly find them here.

Some of the beach-bars are inside camping areas, great news for the camping-fans! Your nights here may not be so secular an noisy. But you will certainly find opportunities to create your own “body & spirit” experiences. If you are not used to waking up at the sound of cicadas in the morning and sleeping with that of crickets, you will comprehend how a “music” so secular can be otherworldly at the same time…

“There is nowhere like Halkidiki”, as northern Greeks usually say and has become a famous idiom! Since here you can satisfy “body” and “spirit” so as to feed your “soul”, you find the threesome of pleasure…

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