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DON’T Visit Saloniki!

DON’T Visit Saloniki!
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DON’T Visit Saloniki!

Are you looking for a predictable, one-dimensional destination? Are you interested in an incentive-free experience? Well in that case, you are the type that would be advised: “Don’t visit Saloniki!” and the following lines could give you an outline to avoid doing so!

Once you set foot in the city, you feel the sea breeze mingled with the smell of local cuisine, which could be a perfect storyteller. If you ever feel disorientated seek for the sea to find your way…seek for a local dish to find a historical trait. The city’s seafront is one of the most spectacular places to walk, run, bike, rest. Even if you are not an artistic nature, you will surely be tempted to take photos of the sea: the sea in the morning with a clear sky dominated by Mount Olympus in the background, the sea at noon with various boats sailing – all the more if you are a passenger on one of them, the sea in the afternoon before or while the sun is setting – especially during winter time the cold air streams create the most breathtaking colors in the sky!

After such physical and emotional adventures, get ready for taste experiences that can coordinate all five senses! Some of your most difficult decisions will be to choose the region and the restaurant or tavern to eat. There are so many excellent choices to make, that one can reassess the meaning of life: having many choices is a luxury that anyone can afford in Saloniki and after having experienced one of these, then life has a more tasteful meaning! Every culture that has lived here throughout the centuries has written a recipe, has added one more crucial ingredient, exactly as has done so in music enriching the stave…

So either you choose something modern in the center or more traditional in renovated regions or in the Old City, your food, drink or coffee is “charged” with different energy. Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Jewish figures step out of the past so harmonically integrated in everyday life.

Thus, you will see high-heels stepping next to the Roman Agora, skaters in front of the White Tower, concerts in Byzantine remains, modern cars parked along the City Walls. The lively rhythm of Saloniki is constant, you can sit outdoors almost everywhere all year round, so be prepared to meet some outgoing, open-hearted people.

And since it all leads to the people, you can understand how everything is interlinked. History, architecture, geography, food, weather, habits create an invisible veil that can gradually mesmerize you. So if such things are too much for you, tell your friends as well,


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