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Post your own story… “halara”!

Post your own story… “halara”!
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“Hey, let’s post a story! Stand at the edge of the dock when the cruise bar sails behind you!” That could be a snatch from a surreal dialogue from the past, when pirates would revolt and change their boats into cruise bars drinking rum all day! Maybe they would post their stories with seagulls, but today the teenagers beside me were ready to post their insta-story, a story possibly captioned as “Halara in Saloniki”.

Saloniki's seafront

“Halara” is a common word in Saloniki meaning “leisurely”, in a relaxed manner. It’s one of the characteristics that distinguishes it from Athens and everyone seems to enjoy. So Salonians would definitely be those revolting pirates having their boats as cruise bars making money with drinking and relaxing instead of fighting in the rat race! If you identify yourself as a “rebel with a cause” – or without, if you have reached your limits, reach the city’s limits, the sea-front.

Travelling, among other things, gives you inner peace. It gives you the chance to seek your limits and even exceed them. Being in Saloniki’s water limits you have the sense that you can find the limits of your inner peace. Even though swimming is not an option here, sea-viewing can also be as relaxing, according to psychologists. The energy here is so overwhelming that sweeps away any negative burden. Unfortunately, it is not effective at relieving any physical burden, after all those delicacies you might have tasted…

Umbrellas at Saloniki's seafront

Various activities here are helpful as well. You can either rent a bike and feel the sea breeze refreshing your thoughts. You can jog along with other locals and feel your heartbeat in the local beat. Ok, you are allowed to make a stop under the famous “Umbrellas” sculpture and take a selfie! Or you can grab a couple of beers and sit along the deck-like waterfront or at the nearby parks and socialize with others. You don’t even have to worry about eating, there are so many street vendors to satisfy your appetite temporarily. And what about that dancing pirate? There are several cruise boats to embark, choose one according to your music taste and “shoot” the White Tower with your camera while sailing.

How many “stories” can you count up to now? Limitless stories- stories told, untold and posted. “Hey, let’s post a story now!” After all these, you don’t have to try for it or act. “Halara” is written all over your face! You have become one of us…enjoy!

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