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Liane in Saloniki!

Liane in Saloniki!
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Liane’s music in the most historical market of Saloniki!

How Tel Aviv’s modern sound will combine the past and present of Saloniki?

It will happen on the night when Liane will bring Tel Aviv’s music in the alleys of Kapani market, on the Festival’s stage mixing all those elements of the explosive meeting of culture and sound.

When a festival is organized in the alleys of the most historical market of Saloniki, when the stages give the rhythm with music floating above the market stalls, when the youth of Saloniki get in touch with the past of their city through the modern sound, then the only certainty is that the cultures and traditions come together in two unique nights.

Kapani Project 2019 comes on October 5 & 6, bringing great artists from Greece and abroad. Liane comes from Tel Aviv to excite the audience with her sounds, meeting this way the Greek audience after having exhilarating her fans in Jerusalem. According to her, it is about an exchange of elements which is very important to an artist:

“Exploring the sound of a specific artist or a place is very important to me in my music persuit. Saloniki is a city that I wanted to visit for a long time, so I am grateful for this opportunity. I believe that experiencing different audiences and different reactions helps you to expand your musical visual angles”.

Liane spoke about her upcoming appearance in Kapani Project 2019, about the Greek audience, the exchange of different cultures through music and what she expects to live in Saloniki.

How do you feel about your appearance in front of the Greek audience?

L- I am grateful and excited about the invitation to play in Greece and I can’t wait to visit Saloniki and play for the Greek audience.

A few words about your route in Tel Aviv. When did you start playing professionally and which career moments would you characterize important?

L- I started playing professionally 3 years ago in a duet called “Meteora”. We were playing as residents in Pergamon Club, an underground club in Jerusalem. A year ago we started playing separately as residents and I moved to Tel Aviv. I sometimes play in Alphabet Club which I love. A special moment for me was playing with my friend Ilai Schebel as “Meteora” and at the same time playing my first set, it was something I will never forget. Playing in front of people is a way of communication and it offers so many beautiful and meaningful moments.

Kapani Project is a festival that aims to bring tradition closer to the youth. How important is it to bring different cultures and artists from abroad together in the frame of music?

L- Since the ancient times the Greek culture has affected and shaped many societies. It had a determinant role in many aspects of the Western society, even at that period. I am excited when I hear Greek music today and it offers me great inspiration seeking the music and energy of a place.

Three words about what you expect to experience in Kapani Project 2019.

L- Share. Adventure. Energy.

More: www.kapaniproject.gr

Source: www.parallaximag.gr

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