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September in the city…

September in the city…
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“And so you’re back, from outer space, I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face”, are some lyrics from Gloria Gaynor’s song “I Will Survive”. They express some thoughts and feelings that someone could have after summer holidays, early September, back in the city, same routine and the phrase “I will survive” may not sound so affirmative and confident. So, being a tourist in Saloniki, you might find useful to know what to expect in this atmosphere.

Autumn melancholy is a common known feeling for the western world. Summer’s outdoor activities bring urban people closer to nature with beneficial influence, which transforms into “that sad look upon your face” once you return to the city. Thankfully, there are always survival guides in times of crisis. And thankfully, the Greek climate is an ally in this situation and at the same time, a motive for a non-local to visit.

September usually maintains temperatures high enough to go for a swim in the sea. The beach bars in Halkidiki stay open as long as the weather permits it, although the start of the school year (11/9) creates a tangible difference in the number of visitors. Of course you can always visit an unorganized beach as long as you feel like it. Moreover, the daily boat cruises continue their trips to the nearby beaches of Peraia and N.Epivates until the end of the month. (see article “Cruise Thermaikos Gulf”).

So, with such amiable weather it is the best time to stroll around the city. With the tendency to show off a little of that chocolate tan after holidays or the need to lose the ice-cream/alcohol/summer delicacies gained weight, the gym is still one step too far. You can join the locals who jog, walk or bike mainly along the city’s waterfront admiring the sea view or “instagraming” some of the gradually falling leaves in the parks.

Shopping can be another favorite September habit. Summer sales are still on in several cloth boutiques where you may find great bargains! Remember there is still time to wear summer clothes and shoes! Alternatively, you can indulge in the new fall/winter collection, which was always a big psychological crash-test for me…

Last but not least, the cultural events that flood back the city are one of the greatest remedies. Apart from the annual Thessaloniki International Fair, numerous concerts, theatrical plays and various activities can help retain that happy smile upon our face giving us that warm feeling of participation, involvement, shared attendance. That warm feeling of being together with friends and strangers. So September it is…let’s join!

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